Originally published on 19 Sep 2020

Tell me a story.

I need some inspiration.

It is my birthday and I’ve spent some of it calling infrequent voters and asking them to tell me a story. Specifically I am asking them if there is someone who they love who will be positively impacted by their vote and why.

So, if you have a minute, tell me in the comments how voting is a personal act for you and how your vote could make a difference to someone specific who you love. You don’t have to name them.

I am interested in your story, whether you are voting Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or other. We all have reasons! I want to hear yours.

Here is mine: I was a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Honduras in the 90’s. I love that place, and specifically Comayagua, in central Honduras. I go back every year I can and visit friends and people who I consider my second family. One of those people is Hector Orlando Oviedo Castellanos who is one of my best friends in the world. Over the last ten plus years, Hector has been developing a small organic coffee farm. I visited when he was clearing the undergrowth to plant, when he had just planted, and then when the bushes were starting to produce coffee beans. Three years ago, Hector’s farm was hit by a disease that killed most of the coffee plants. It was a staggering blow to him and all of his hard work and monetary investment. This disease is made worse by warmer and wetter conditions. Climate change is making pests and diseases worse on coffee farms. I think of people like Hector when I vote, people who are personally affected by climate change. There are farmers around the world facing uncertain futures. Climate change is real and I believe we need politicians who are ready to face it with action.

Thank you!