Replacement Theory is Bullshit

Ask anyone in Latin America

Andrew Gaertner
2 min readMay 16, 2022
Your author. Not afraid of replacement.

Cool your jets fellow white people. “They” are not coming for us.

This week some asshole in New York is forcing people to consider a Conservative talking point as if it were anywhere close to worth talking about. This position holds that somewhere in the not too distant future white people will be a statistical minority for the first time since the founding of the country. And when that happens, white people will be voted out of power, hunted in the streets, and so on (insert racism here). I suggest that anyone who takes this BS seriously go visit any Latin American country. You will see that white people are doing fine, despite being statistically outnumbered since those countries gained independence.

I lived in Honduras for three years and I visited several countries in Central America during my time there. In each country, light-skinned people who descended from Europeans continued to occupy most of the positions of wealth and power, despite being woefully outnumbered by Indigenous, Black, Asian heritage, and mixed-race people. What kept them in power was not just skin color, but also economics. Power and inherited money go hand in hand, in the USA and in other parts of the Americas.

Tucker Carlson and the right-wing BS factory know this. They know that it is all about money and keeping the owning class in power. They know that in order to do that they need working and middle-class whites to be distracted by shit like so-called Replacement Theory (don’t ask me to call it great).

Don’t be fooled, fellow white people.

White people, it is hard for us to understand how racism works because we are snowed under by propaganda like Replacement Theory and often isolated from actual interaction with people who don’t look like us. Luckily, we have folks who take time out of their day to help us cut through the BS. Please read more from Black, Indigenous, and POC authors like Allison Gaines, Laura M Quainoo, Jaron Mays, Herbert Dyer Jr, Rebbeca A Stevens, Kennardo James, Brian G Gilmore, Guy Nave, William Spivey, Manny Otiko, Marley K, Johnny Silvercloud, Rosalyn Morris, and more. This is a diverse group, I am not saying you have to agree with every word they say, but their perspectives are vital and missing from much of public discourse.

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