Meet Your Honduran Coffee Farmers

Don Roman and Doña Francesca

Roman Hernandez and Francesca Pineda. They have been with the co-op since the beginning in 2000.
Doña Francesca in their new coffee drying shed. Even though we were high on the mountain, it was HOT in the little drying greenhouse.
They said this was coffee they were saving for Farmer to Farmer. They pick it special to only pick the best, ripest cherries. It takes more time, but they are proud of the results and we pay well.
Eduin Hernandez, son of Roman and Francesca. We saw his new coffee plot. He hopes to join the co-op soon in his own right.
Ada Cristina (left) and Fatima (right). They have matured a lot in the two years since Farmer to Farmer started supporting their education.

Don Marcos Ramirez

The Ramirez Family (only part of it!)

Benito and Mancho Perez

Benito (Stripes), and Mancho with his family

Patrocinio Sanchez and Osiris Gutierrez

Osiris, Patrocinio, Melany, and Patric
Cutest little backpack ever. You can tell they live in a windy mountain place because the banana leaves are all shredded.

Adalid Zavala and Suyapa Yanez

Melvin and daughter left, Adalid, Suyapa (holding her granddaughter) and Hansel right
Melvin (green shirt) built a new coffee roaster for his brother Alex’s (middle) business. Also pictured the old roaster in action.
Adalid. Outstanding in his field.
Alex (AKA Disney) is the new president of the co-op

Doña Cirula

Doña Cirula. She works hard.
Cirula’s grandkids who live with her, Senya and Michael. Their mother died in a landslide.
Isamar and her cousin
Elisa in the pink pants likes school and wants to continue, as does Michael in the yellow. Paola, Senya, and Isamar are all done with school and happy about it.

Don Polo Euceda

Familia Euceda

Don Apolinario Garcia

Sonia, Don Polo, Jaisy

Doña Juana

Grandson Alex with Doña Juana

Don Arnulfo Alvarado and Doña Adilia Martinez

Granddaughter Estefani and Doña Adilia
Don Arnulfo in blue with his brother Don Chico, Doña Julia is 94 years young!

Don Chico and Doña Moncha

Doña Moncha, Sergio, and Don Chico left, Doña Margarita (Doña Moncha’s sister) and Mariana right. Doña Margarita worked many years in the US military base in the Comayagua valley.
Sergio showed us the farm and acted as the host during the whole visit.

Hector Oviedo

Hector — his bag is full of rocks. He can’t stop collecting.
Taking a photo of El Horno’s really old church. Riding in the back on the bench seats sucks, btw.
He has thousands of photos from the driver’s seat view.

The co-op group photo January 2022



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