Farm Friday, December 1st, 2023

Andrew Gaertner
3 min readDec 1, 2023


This week the temperatures dipped into the single digits (Fahrenheit!) and winter felt like it was finally here.

The frost has been pretty.

There was some produce in the walk-in cooler that had been insulated against the nightly dips in temperatures into the 20s. Apples, peppers, carrots. I got complacent. I should have put a heater in there. But November had been so warm, so I slept on it. Oh well. Today we threw about 100 pounds of frozen apples, carrots, and peppers into the compost.

We did have a heater in the woodshop where the squash is being stored. So most of that did not freeze, except a few that were by the drafty sliding door. But many of the squash and pie pumpkins had soft spots that were starting to rot. So we composted a few hundred pounds of those and sent a few hundred pounds to the food shelf. Now we only have a bushel basket left of each of the different types of squash to eat.

In animal news, the baby chicks have moved in with the adult chickens without any problems, so far. And the sheep and llamas no longer have access to their summer pastures. From now forward the four-leggeds will be subsisting on hay and grain.

Frost on the bedroom window on a cold morning.
Rotting squash and frozen apples and peppers at the compost pile. The deer are going to be very happy.
Frost on the barn windows
Chilly chickens
The sun came out on Wednesday!
Pippa the helper dog, doing night chores in the snow.
Carrots for Saturday special dinner
Little bear



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