Farm Friday, May 26th, 2023


Potato experiment

Massive pheasant back. All photos by the author.

So this week it felt like summer. We turned on the fans in the barn and turned off the heater in the greenhouse.

This week we planted potatoes. After the last two years of fighting potato beetles in the big field, we are trying some good old fashioned crop rotation. They are moving to the small garden and we are planting about a quarter of the usual. In an effort to baby these baby potatoes, we mulched with hay, which should suppress weeds while giving some fertilizer. Fingers crossed.

Tired dog going into see grandpa for his 80th. Happy birthday Jim!

Full size oak leaves.

Happy garlic!

Potatoes ready for mulch

Mulch in progress.

Yikes! Oil leak. The tractor is at the doctor.

Good night



Andrew Gaertner

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