Farm Friday, May 19th, 2023

Andrew Gaertner
May 20, 2023


I want more-ls!

We use a mesh bag to collect mushrooms so the spores can sprinkle as we walk. (All photos by the author)

We went out looking for morels on Saturday evening. We have a spot on the far side of the farm that sometimes gives a few of the most delicious mushrooms you can imagine. It only happens for one week in May and only if conditions are right. Even if we don’t find anything we always enjoy this rite of spring. It was a bonus to find enough for a meal that included fresh asparagus and fresh caught trout from our friend Katie. Peak spring meal!

We planted onions on Thursday. At this point it looks like we planted a few blades of grass.
Apple Blossoms early in the week
Later in the week, the blossoms are already looking droopy. A slight breeze will cause a little snowstorm of petals.
They are selling chicks at the hardware store. I couldn’t resist a photo.
Ok. I lied — photo credit to my co-worker Callie. This is dandelion week!
This seemed like a dynamic photo
Last week the oak leaves were a quarter of this size. Next week they will be full-size. So much growth so fast!
There has been smoke in the air from the Alberta fires. It gives this week’s photos a filtered effect.
My tractors are going to get a tune-up.
What it looks like to find a cluster of morels.
Our sheep took themselves for a walk outside the barn yesterday. Luckily, they did not go far nor get into any burs.

Writing news. I finished my monthly column on genealogy. This month I focused on German immigrants in the 1880s. It is interesting to me that so many people in the United States are anti-immigrant when their own ancestors were immigrants and came for many of the same reasons.



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