Farm Friday, June 2nd, 2023


Is this thing on?

Checking on the new llamas. All photos by the author.

This week was exciting mostly because the two new llamas came on Wednesday. Poppers and Rheaa have been getting used to our barn and meeting the four sheep. Poppers is tall and alert at all times, and Rheaa is shorter and also always on the lookout. They were part of a herd of more than twenty llamas and being with four sheep will take some getting used to.

Poppers is behind Rheaa here.
It has been dry here!
Our mixed cover crop of rye and vetch
The sheep are on alert with the new llamas.
Tilling strips for planting pumpkins this week.
Cherry flowers
White oak leaves. They are perfect now.
The night sky with moonlight

In writing news, after I decided to not monetize Farm Friday anymore, last week’s post has had exactly one view, which is the same as the week before’s had last Friday. So it doesn’t seem to matter monetized or not — there just are not many eyeballs on Farm Friday. It is starting to feel like Vocal Media. Oh well. I’ll keep writing and taking photos.



Andrew Gaertner

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